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Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School - NOT just for vegans. Delicious recipes and health info for anyone.

Description: Most health research experts agree millions die each year from preventable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even many cancers. Many of these diseases can even be reversed with simple lifestyle changes which is what this course is all about. Using the blue zones as a model, combined with the latest scientific research, this course takes you through the best choices you can make for optimal health. You'll be amazed it's not just about diet and exercise. Research shows there is much more to living longer and happier than just the food you eat. Sign up right NOW for this free course.

"This course has information that is very practical for any person living in the real world. The topics are well put together and will have tremendous positive effects! Thanks Angela for putting this together and making it available." Akachi Imegwu


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Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Blue Zones – The Science of Longevity
Lesson 3: Moderate, Regular Outdoor Physical Activity
Lesson 4: Country living or the City Equivalent To It
Lesson 5: Serving Others & Social Equality
Lesson 6: Attitude and Thinking Impact Your Health
Lesson 7: Controlling Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Lesson 8: Strong Family Ties and Healthy Relationships – Part 1
Lesson 9: Strong Family Ties and Healthy Relationships – Part 2
Lesson 10: A Vegetarian or Mediterranean Diet With Moderate Calories
Lesson 11: Avoiding Toxins Such as Smoking, Excess Chemicals, etc.
Lesson 12: Simple Living and Less Stress
Lesson 13: Other Healthy Choices Like Water & Sleep
Lesson 14: Engagement in Spirituality or Religion
Lesson 15: Summary
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